Trump administration may let California keep emissions standards by James Gosling

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

The Trump administration may be quietly conceding defeat to California on car tailpipe emissions, the biggest battleground in the state’s showdown with President Trump over climate change.

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt backed away last month from his threats to challenge California’s unique legal authority, known as a waiver, to set aggressive limits on vehicle emissions, including greenhouse gases.

Although Pruitt left the door open to a future challenge, experts said he is running out of time to stop California from dictating national pollution standards on cars, the nation’s primary source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Trump moves to open more public land to drilling in California by James Gosling

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

The Trump administration forged ahead with its commitment to boosting domestic fossil fuel production Thursday, directing more public lands to be opened for oil and gas extraction — a move that could bring new drill rigs to California.

The state hasn’t seen new onshore oil and gas leases offered up on federal land in four years because of environmental fights. The order signed by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke on Thursday has some environmentalists fearing that de facto moratorium will soon end.

Bad news for climate contrarians – 'the best data we have' just got hotter by James Gosling

From The Guardian:

The favorite satellite data of contrarians like Ted Cruz corrected for some errors and ended up hotter. A new paper just published in the Journal of Climate is a stunning setback for the darling of cherry-picking for contrarian scientists and elected officials.

The University of Alabama at Huntsville (UAH), a major source of data cited by contrarians, is shown to be very wrong.